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Naviterier Conversation is a conversational navigation application for blind pedestrians, working on standard smartphones and in simplified mode on phones with the Symbian operating system. High positioning accuracy is achieved by unique usage of landmarks and terrain features which compensate insufficient accuracy of GPS satellite localization. The application is highly reliable especially in dense urban areas and thus becomes an ideal tool for pedestrians with limited orientation and movement.


Naviterier works best with ROUTE4ALL geographical information database created by CEDA corporation. Currently, the specially created maps for Naviterier navigation applications and services now cover 150 km of sidewalks (approximately 3 square kilometres of dense sidewalk network), crossings and pedestrian areas in the city center.

Obrázek oblasti pokryté daty Route4All v centru Prahy v okolí Karlova náměstí, Václavského náměstí, Andělu, Újezdu a Staroměstské.

Area covered by geographical information database in Prague.

We are in negations with Brno, Uherské Hradište cities and with Plzeňský and Ústecký regions.