Naviterier is committed to the principles of socially responsible business. Our goal is not only profit but also helpfulness to the public. The larger part of the profits is used for further enhancement of the services and support of the research.

We offer navigation applications and services that use specially created map data prepared by CEDA, a. s. Unlike conventional maps, these maps contain information on specific landmarks (leanings sidewalks, shapes of corners, niches, noise from traffic, etc.), which help pedestrians with impaired orientation and movement. Initial research and development of data structures were held within ROUTE4ALL project, funded by the ALFA Technology Agency, which was implemented by the joint effort of the Czech Technical University in collaboration with CEDA, a. s.

Project Naviterier co-designed by the team consisting of experts from the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Navigation center SONS, CEDA and the IBM Research. All partners have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

In 2016, Naviterier project was supported by the Laboratory of the Vodafone Foundation. Currently, we got financial support from Svetluska (Foundation of Czech public radio). Atelier DRAWetc. supported us by creating logos and visual style.

History of the Naviterier project at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague dates back to 2007. Since then, dozens of experiments were conducted with hundreds of visually impaired participants. The research results were used to design and implement a series of prototypes navigation applications and were presented at prestigious international conferences and journals.

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